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What are the Bike Safety Tips?

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What are the Bike Safety Tips?

Update Time:2017/9/23
While riding your bicycle, obey all traffic laws and buy and wear a bicycle helmet! Helmets can greatly reduce the risk of head injuries and death. Don't "hit the road" without one! However, even the best helmet has limitations. Defensive cycling is the key to bicycle safety.

Always wear a helmet
Register your bike
Don't use a cell phone while riding unless using a hands-free device
Ride at a safe speed for conditions
Have your brakes adjusted and working properly, refer to the pre-ride safety checklist (PDF, 34 KB)
Stop at stop signs
Ride on the right side of the roadway
Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
Ride in the correct direction in one-way areas
Use lights when riding after dark

According the California Vehicle Code, every person riding a bicycle upon a street or highway has all the rights and responsibilities of the driver of a motor vehicle. You may be cited for running stop signs, riding at an unsafe speed for conditions, riding on the wrong side of the road or upon sidewalks, wearing headphones while riding, talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device, not having legal brakes, etc. Cyclists are required by state law to use front white lights, rear red reflectors, pedal and side reflectors at night. Additional lights are a good idea, especially red rear flashers, light colored clothing, and extra reflectors.
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